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Beauty of Sri Lanka Photographic Exhibition
By award winning Sri Lankan photographers

2019 September 22 at UCLA
National Geographic Magazine Whitewashes LTTE Suicide Terrorism
in a Biased Story - Read all about it here

2016 October 29
Sri Lankans in Los Angeles Commemorate Victory Day
View vidoes on YouTube

2015 May 22
Maithri Vihara Poson Celebrations
2009 June
Dawn of Peace Celebrations in Los Angeles
2009 June
Freedom March by Sri Lanka Patriots
in Los Angeles

2009 May
LTTE Terrorists Defeated on May 16, 2009!
2009 May
Mask Dance of Sri Lanka
at the UCLA, Los Angeles

2009 April
Sri Lankan Army rescues civilians
from LTTE

2009 April
LTTE at Columbia University, NY
2009 April
LTTE Distracts UN with Propaganda
2009 March
HRW & the IMF
2009 March
Bruce Fein works for LTTE in the US
2008 February
Under construction
LTTE promote biased LA Times
article on Google News

2007 August
Terror at Univ of Waterloo, Canada
2006 September
Support for Global Terror
2006 September

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Dhammika's World of Music
by Dhammika Jayasinghe
LA Baila - Sri Lankan Radio Sri Lankan Foundation
in California
Services from Sri Lanka
Kapruka: Sri Lankan grocery
shipped to your door step in U.S.A
Importers of Lankan Products
Sri Lankan Entertainment
Kaputa Dot Com Sri Lanka e-Commerce

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